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International Gary Lam Wing Chun Event 2018


Time flew by and unfortunately our event is already over. Many thanks to Grandmaster Gary Lam, Rayan Lam, Sifu Todd Wright and Dean Pugh for their warm support. We all learned a lot and improved. We had a nice and memorable time together. Thanks also to all students for the great and funny hours together. Take good care of yourself and practice hard and constant. Until next time and all the best!
Sifu Michael Mehle

Aktuelle Presse (Frankfurter Rundschau)
Vom Meister des Wing Chun lernen

Learn from the best - Frankfurt am Main - September 2018

Grandmaster Sifu Gary Lam visits us again this year in Frankfurt and Johannisberg. We expect guests from Hong Kong, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. We are all looking forward to this event. Save the date 1.-16. September 2018 and see you there!

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